I am not a docotor.

None of the content of this site is meant to take the place of any advice your doctor or cardiologist provdides. My goal is to empower the patient to take an active role in their disease management.

Taking Control of Heart Disease

My goal is to educate the reader. What questions should you be asking your cardiologist? How do you research the best hospitals and latest techniques for your particular condition? How do you live life to the fullest with a disease as a constant companion? Select the red text above for additional and critical information.

About Me

Gerald Merits
I am male in my mid-40s with atherosclerosis and 25 stents in three major heart arteries.

I love my family, including my two dogs – Harvey and Millie – life, reading, writing, philosophy, singing, playing and listening to music. I thank God for my wife who is also dealing with my condition along with me.