As I stated in My Story I am a proud member of Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church.

I consider the pastor, Larry Coulter, an influential, inspiring and entertaining speaker. His presence can lift even the lowest of spirits and his sense of humor hints at the possibility that had he not chosen being a pastor, he could have ranked among the best of comedians.

He is joined by a wonderful group of people, including Associate Pastor Mike Killeen and Associate Pastor Britta Dukes. All are blessed with the ability to make one laugh, cry, and hang on their every word. I often go back and listen to Pastor Coulter’s sermons if I am feeling down and need a lift. For those so inclined, I find this type of therapy to be extremely beneficial and I highly recommend it. Being inspired is an integral part for anyone living with heart disease or recovering from treatment.

Listen to some of Larry’s sermons here. Archived sermons can be found here. In 2008, I was particularly impressed by the “Vine Ripened” series that occurred during the period of August 31st through November 3rd. I don’t see a donate button on the site, but if you find the sermons to be as fulfilling as I have, if you wish you can contact Larry or any of the staff and ask how you can contribute. Although I am a member, this is not a donation drive. If you like the sermons and wish to contribute, then please do so. If you don’t wish to contribute, that is absolutely fine and I still hope you will take the time to listen to the sermons. I believe Larry to be one of America’s undiscovered treasures and hope you will agree.

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